- We work mainly by appointments. 
This can take place in person in our studio in Neukölln or if you're not living close by we can also talk via email.


- If you would like to arrange a meeting, please use the contact form or write directly to your preferred artist. You find the contact data under the point "Artists". You can also just come by without any obligations and liabilities.


- Walk-ins are always welcome during our regular opening hours. Unfortunately, we can not always guarantee that the artist has time for a conversation. 

- If you are still undecided which artist would be best for your tattoo wish, you can come to our studio and take a look at the respective portfolios. This is possible without an appointment.



- The waiting times for an appointment can vary.

- You can also ask for information on prices and dates in person in the studio or during the meeting with the artist. Please note that such estimates may not be guaranteed via e-mail.


- You may also like to ask another artist to make you a draft. This is associated with a respective surcharge of at least 20 euros. However, this amount will not be offset against the final price but remains as compensation for the artist whose design was not selected. The height of the design price depends on the motive.




- To make a tattoo appointment after a consultation, a deposit of 50 € is payable. This will be charged with the final session.


- The appointment can be easily postponed until 24 hours before. If we are informed less than 24 hours before the appointment or the appointment is missed, we retain the deposit as default payment. The deposit is non-refundable.


- When appointing, be sure to discuss regular medication and illnesses (HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, epilepsy, shingles, atopic dermatitis, etc.).



- Very important: Be sober! We will not tattoo you if you're drunk or on drugs.


- Be on time and inform us immediately if you're delayed. 


- We recommend you to eat well before the appointment and to appear well-rested.


- Bring a small, odorless snack and something to drink with you. We recommend a muesli bar and lemonade without caffeine.


- Please bring a maximum of one companion to your appointment.


- For hygiene reasons, your pet can not accompany you. An exception are assistance dogs, we ask you to inform us in advance.

- Legislators stipulate that you must be at least 18 years old or have the consent of your legal guardian for a tattoo.

- If you still have a legal guardian, even though you are of legal age, we must ask you to inform us about it and take the guardian to the interview. We do not tattoo anyone without the consent of a legal guardian.


- You are not tattooed by us during your pregnancy.




- For the first days of the healing process we suggest:


-> A vegan cream free from any harmful ingredients that you can buy from our shop.

-> A customized tattoo protection film (+ Infosheet how to use it).


- You are welcome to buy the cream and/or tattoo protection films from us. 


For the next weeks and months of the healing process:


- During the healing phase, we recommend avoiding sunbathing (including solariums), chlorine water or salt water.

- Donating blood is not possible about three to four months after the tattoo session.


- When your tattoo is healed completely, remember to use some extra suncream on your tattoo when you're sunbathing. 
In this way, you protect the colors from fading.